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Sweet : Tales from Mother Goose’s


I love my newest skin from Mother Goose’s. Cordelia fit me like a glove straight out of the box. She is clear skinned translucent perfection both characteristics which I love.


Cordelia’s nose seems to be a little bit more defined than some other MG skins particularly between the eyes. The lips are lovely and just a little bit matte.  I took my ‘hide lashes’ alpha layer off to give a little more of a natural look without having to add a liner or to take away from the quirky little dolly lashes that Cordelia is sporting.

MG page again

I went for the lighter tone A pack. Five make-ups plus all five skins with teeth, shape and two eyebrows layers.  I can’t say I`m a fan of the tattoo eyebrow layers. They look too much like drawn in brows for my liking so I`m happy the skin’s brows are in the lighter colour.  The actual brows on the skin are really soft, not too thin or thick.  Not completely sold on the teeth, but I tried out some of MG`s teeth tattoos and they work fine.

I`m so happy that MG has the free breast tattoos out.  I use the Upper 2 A cleavage tattoo. ‘A’ being the name of the skin tone.  The breast was always something I was willing to compromise on but the overall look of the skin is soooo much more improved with these simple tattoo layers.


Yes, Natali feels very at home in this skin indeed.

=What Natali Wore=

Skin – Mother Goose’s Cordelia A  also available at SGB Mall outlet  *much* easier to find

Hair – D!va – Vivienne Ruby Flower (Group Gift for Mimi’s Choice group members) See here Go here

Dress – Evie’s Closet – Elodie in White (tinted) @ Zodiac Feb round

Eyes – Umeboshi – Vessalius Eye Amethyst

mg 3

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