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Sweet : Of Kimono and Frost


So it`s pretty cold here this week in the old Toe-key-o.  Snowy times and fun for all with a good dose of slip, slidin’ madness.

Snow fell on Monday, Coming of Age day.  Girls wore boots with their kimono to trudge through it all.  They made a pretty picture in bright coloured kimono against the background of snow and slush, but somehow the fluffy white stoles draped round their shoulders didn`t seem to be keeping them all that warm.  In SL we can traipse all about the snowy place in our tabi and zouri with never a thought of frostbite.


This kimono is from 1mm (ichi miri) by mirin Shippe.   It’s fully mesh with the obi belt being non rigged mesh. It comes with both tabi socks and zouri sandals. Mesh has been very kind to the kimono wearing in SL.  No more ugly system skirt bums or wayward prim skirts.  The sode or sleeves still move about with your AO but that’s acceptable.

Turquoise Geisha_016

I only have one AO specifically crafted for kimono.  I aquired it in 2008! and the anims are a little dated but it still does the job and is still available from Bushido in Bakumatsu. Otherwise I`ve been using ‘Erika’ from SLC by manmoth Nishi, my favourite at the moment.  The anims are smooth while a little cutesy there’s no big arm movements.

I love this hair from LaViere.  It’s called Natalia. So close! :p  The pastels and pastel dips are just so lovely.  The pink was pretty but I went for the Mint instead.  Yummy.

I know it’s a little late for year end reviews, but Mother Goose’s Cookie and Charmy were really my go to skins and I think will continue to be so for some time to come. Fresh and youthful these are beautiful base skins for mixing and matching with all kinds of lips and eye make-ups.

-What Natali Wore-

Skin – Cookie (A) – Mother Goose’s

Hair – LaViere – Natalia – Mint @collabor88

Eyes – Rozena – Afternoon Eye – Blue Grey

Lips – My Uglydorothy – Honey Balm 12 & Mother Goose’s Teeth C

Make-up – Cheap Make-up – Black Matte Liquid Eyeliner |Cheeks – essences – Blush Contour – Light Pink

Kimono – 1mm – Kimono 2012 – Umemidori

Hair Piece – Glam Affair – Hanami – Cream @ collabor88

Turquoise Geisha

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