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Pink Fuel – Kumi


I`ve been wearing Kumi, from Pink Fuel for a few days now and I`m liking her more and more all the time.  I think I`ve found the right, ‘Natali’ shape for her and she’s starting to fit nicely.

The Pure/Defined make-up of Kumi comes with creased and non creased lid versions.  I think this is just fabulous and a great option!  I feel I could play with the eye sliders just a little bit more to really take advantage of the non crease version but for the moment I like the more rounded eye look just fine.

Non-Creased | Creased

There are eight different tones to choose from. I`ve gone for the Ivory.

She`s flawless and youthful but not quite as youthful as Elly.  So if you were one of those that thought Elly was too young you will probably like Kumi a lot more.

This, the inclusion of the creased and non-creased versions in the Pure pack and the eight different tones to choose from I think, will make her very versatile and more widely worn.

Kumi comes with over 40 different lipsticks each with a teeth version.  They’re all beautiful and there’s lots to play with.

One thing I wasn’t sure about was the teeth.  I absolutely loved the teeth/lipsticks that Elly came with and wore them endlessly on many different skins.   I wear my lips really narrow and the teeth could be just a little bit smaller for my liking but, again, they are starting to grow on me.   Some of the lip tattoos from Elly work great with Kumi, too. I think they look cute.  What do you think?

Kumi lip and teeth tattoo | Elly lip and teeth tattoo (Sugar tone)

Kumi is Pink Fuel perfection and I`m really going to enjoy playing with her!

-What Natali Wore-

Skin – Pink Fuel by Mochi Milena – Kumi – Vanilla Ivory!- Pure/Defined

Eyes – Rozena – Afternoon Eye – Blue Grey

Hair – Wasabi Pills – Anais – Seafoam

Lingerie – blowpop – Yvette

Entitled – Collabor88 Sept or Those Were the Days, My Friend. I Thought They’d Ended.


Ok so, I`m slowly recovering from the long summer.  It’s still bloomin’ hot, but all being well a typhoon is on it’s way to change all that.  We’ll see.

The first thing I did this week was check out the September round of Collabor88.  Lots of girly, soft things that fit in nicely with the theme of ‘Timeless’.  Like this lovely mesh dress from Milk Motion.

I just love the lace panel on the front.  You may have to add some sag to your ‘orbs’ to avoid the alpha showing. It’s hard to see through the panel with this colour but it’s a delicately feminine touch to this otherwise simple and rather plain dress.  Yes, lovely.


Something that is not Timeless however, is system skirts…

I was too eager to get this Little Black Dress from Nylon Outfitters, and should have looked more carefully at the vendor.  Naughty Nat!

I`m such a fan of mesh that it’s just hard to remember sometimes that not everyone is on board. Although I don`t personally know any of those people (or they don`t log in anymore… :p)  To my credit, however, nowhere on the vendor is it mentioned that this is a system skirt… disappointed.   In the same vein I am let down by the jagged edges on the sleeves.  Great idea, great variety of styles on the vendor but for this version at least, poor execution and not the level of quality I was expecting. Not even for the Collabor88 price….


I am though, quite taken with the skin from Auxiliary, ‘Love Skin’ – Timeless.  At first I was really turned off by the demo. It has template lines all over it.  I found it really distracting and I think I bought it in the end going on the vendor pic rather than the demo…. Dangerous, I know.  But I like it. I like this fair tone, love the brows and will probably wear it for grown up ladylike occasions. 🙂

-What Nat Wore-


Skin – Auxiliary – Love Skin – Timeless – Fair dk brows @ Collabor88

Eyes – paper.doll – Glimmer Eyes – Atlantic

Lashes – Mozz

Hair – Exile – Ready to Go – Vanilla  @FaMeshed

Dress – Milk Motion – Lace Dress – Nude  @ Collabor88


Mole – Mother Goose’s

Hair – D!va – Manon – Topaz   @ Collabor88

Dress –  Nylon Outfitters – Little Black Dress – Scoop Dress    @ Collabor88

Earrings – LaGyo – Mother’s Pearl Earring    @ Collabor88

Leave the Key on The Counter


I’ve missed my little blog!  I did not, however, miss the sale at coldLogic!  Happy day indeed.

I also rushed to grab this skin from JeSyLiLo for Lazy Sunday.  I think I like it.  The vendor, like all the vendors in this store look sooooo cute.



There’s a little bit of pixel nose happening. See, right beside the nostrils.  The noses in general are either  alittle bit bulbous or buttony, but it’s ‘a look’ and a great one when it works, and while my nose shape has never fit naturally with JeSyLiLo skins, I tweaked some sliders and I really like it.

The brows are not too dramatic but still strong.  I layered a Fishy Strawberry lipstick over the top and with my Mozz Lashes I really like the look.  All for what? L$75.  I`ll be taking closer notice of JeSyLiLo I think.

I`m posing on the FLF Trunk from What Next.  I like the animations in this.  Bit different from the same old sits.  Hair is fit for a princessy goodness from Exile, and my coldlogic spoils for a grown-up Nat look.


– What Nat Wore –

Skin – JeSyLiLo – Lazy Sunday – Light Skin 19 (still at Lazy Sunday price as of posting Aug 26th 7pm SLT)

Lipstick – Fish Strawberry – Allure Lipstick – Deep Red

Lashes – Mozz 03

Eyes – Rozena – Glossy Eye -Field

Hair – Exile – Broken Hearted

Top – coldLocgic – Kimura – Grey

Trousers – coldLogic – Mazza – Black

Ring – paper couture – Times Square Ring  – Diamond

Pose Prop – What Next  – Mayfair Trunk




The Bakumatsu Summer Kimono Festa  is currently on at the Kyoto Event Space.  These little festivals are becoming a real favourite of mine.  And no, it’s not just the lucky boards 😀

This yukata or summer kimono is from 1mm. by mirin Shippe, called ‘Himitsu’ (secret) and is all mesh.  It may not always behave as you would like.  For example, the sleeves still kick back, for want of a better term, and because of the length, sometimes the leg bleeds through but that’s all I`m giving the mesh detractors. Because seriously, it’s a bazillion times better than prim, sculpt and system skirt kimono. I can’t wait for use of the medium by more kimono makers especially in time for winter and the multi layer, lengthier kimono.

There are four pieces to wear in total; the bodice and sleeves, collar, skirt and obi (waistband). As far as I can tell the bodice, sleeves, eri (collar) and skirt are all rigged. The obi is not and can be moved about, though not resized. It only comes in one size but the alpha hides bits really well.  Hopefully I`ll come back later with a lighter colour for easier viewing, and some more festa goodies.

Hair is the latest release from Dura. Skin is Cookie from Mother Goose’s.


~What Natali Wore~

Skin – Mother Goose’s – Cookie

Hair  – Dura – Girl 37 – Strawberry

Eyes – Rozena – Real Eye – Field

Kimono – 1mm – Yukata 2012 mesh – Himitsu @Bakumatsu

Hair Piece – Tomoto

Mizu Fu-sen – MiuMin (gacha-gacha 10L) @ Bakumatsu

Bakumatsu Summer Kimono Festa 1st July~1st Aug



Will Shrink for Mesh


So here are my digits. I didn’t do this last year, but you can read all about it on Ms Singh’s blog here.

I`m kinda small, and I`ve been shrinking for maybe a year now.  The less I have to stand beside giants, the smaller I get.   It feels pretty normal for me though, easier to take pics etc.   I was at the Bakumatsu Kimono Festa today with lots of Japanese or Asian inspired avis and I would have been one of the taller chicks.  So in my little world, on average, I`d say I`m pretty average 😀

Before you measure yourself, make sure your feet are touching the ground!!    I usually measure myself with a plain prim.  I got 165cm on the plain prim and 165 or 5’5″ on the ruler.   At first the ruler was off, even though my height offset was set to zero, my feet weren’t quite touching the ground. Fixed that up and the ruler matches the prim measurement exactly.    But if you whack 165 in to a converter you get 5’4″….Whatever. I live in the future where we count in tens so 165cms it is.

– Meshy Questions from Ms Singh –

1. How has the introduction of mesh affected your SL, if at all? Are you open to wearing mesh often or do you still shy away from it?

It’s certainly affected my $L balance, that’s for sure!   I love hair and I looovvee mesh hair.  It is fabulous and I can not get enough. Brands I hadn’t worn because of boob stick hair (Exile) or brands that seem to have re-invented themselves with mesh (Wasabi Pills) are now staples in my hair folder.

Clothing.  I`m up for it all.  I’m small so usually fit a XS or XXS.   Prim ball gowns, I rarely wear, but I can still dig these.  But prim parts on skirts, system skirts.  So long! Not even looking back.  And I don’t think I`ve worn a clothing sculpt, excluding shoes and my fave Jack Spoon skirts,  for months.

2.  Have you changed your shape to fit into mesh? If so, did you go bigger or smaller?

Obviously, I`m pretty small.  Usually a XS or XXS fits just fine, with a little boob tweak . I have no problems shrinking or expanding myself for the overall look.

3. Do you think the mesh deformer will resolve a lot of the issues people seem to have with mesh and will it encourage you to wear mesh more often, if you don’t already?

From everything I`ve read and listened to, without being at all tech or blendery, I think it will help some.  But it won’t make that much of a difference to me.  I`m also *not at all* concerned with broken content.  Onward and upward!

Final thoughts –

If anything this whole mesh revolution has highlighted the great divide between the fashion/content hungry crowd .. and the rest.  Those people who are *still* wearing their prim bling shoes, system flared jeans.  We shouldn’t let the idea of breaking the one or two pieces of mesh that conservative buyers have splurged on (eye roll here) hold back the creators and consumers, biting at the bit for more and more mesh and solutions to make it accessible to the majority now and into the future.


~What Natali Wore ~

Skin – Mother Goose’s – Cookie

Hair – Wasabi Pills – Cookie

Bra and Panty set – Fishy Strawberry – Soignee – Green (Currently @ TDR)

A tissu, a tissu


We all fall down.


K, it`s not funny but, whatever

Mon tissu has new stuff.  It’s nice girly stuff.  Perfect for retail therapy type stuff.


Why do I always manage to cut my shoes off >.< These are cute shoes. Only 99 a pair from Tokidoki(tokiD).  They’re on quite the roll over there, I must say. Lots of lovelies.



Mr Cleanslate made my inner (often outer) Princess very happy with this hair.


~What Natali Wore~


Hat/Hair – Maitreya – Siobhan

Dress – mon tissu – Lacey Dress – Tea Time

Bag – Memoir

Bracelet – U&R Dogs – Turandot – Cinnamon

Shoes – TokiD – sumire flats – p. blue


Hair & Bow – Exile –  Lost in Wonderland – Vanilla @ Fairy Tales

Dress – mon tissu – Seaside Sundress – Beige

Bag – The Secret Store – Girly Briefcase – Russet

Shoes – Redgrave – Audrey2 Plateau Heels – Nude


Black Box


black box



a. A device or theoretical construct with known or specified performance characteristics but unknown or unspecified constituents and means of operation.

b. Something that is mysterious, especially as to function.

Dress – Hucci – Desirae – Monochrome
Boots – Bax Prestige Boots
Hair – Wasabi Pills – Cookie – Seafoam
Cuff – erratic
Ring/earrings – Izzie’s – Onyx
Nails – Leverocci – Mesh Nails – Black Manicure
Skin – Mother Goose’s – Hena
Lips – Pink Fuel – Elly Lipsticks – Glam Lipstick/Teeth (Noir)
Prop and Poses – Glitterati – Cubed Prose Prop and Backed-Up Singles set
No slurls today cause bleh >: so if you *desperately* need one feel free to IM.
❤ nat
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