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Pink Fuel – Kumi


I`ve been wearing Kumi, from Pink Fuel for a few days now and I`m liking her more and more all the time.  I think I`ve found the right, ‘Natali’ shape for her and she’s starting to fit nicely.

The Pure/Defined make-up of Kumi comes with creased and non creased lid versions.  I think this is just fabulous and a great option!  I feel I could play with the eye sliders just a little bit more to really take advantage of the non crease version but for the moment I like the more rounded eye look just fine.

Non-Creased | Creased

There are eight different tones to choose from. I`ve gone for the Ivory.

She`s flawless and youthful but not quite as youthful as Elly.  So if you were one of those that thought Elly was too young you will probably like Kumi a lot more.

This, the inclusion of the creased and non-creased versions in the Pure pack and the eight different tones to choose from I think, will make her very versatile and more widely worn.

Kumi comes with over 40 different lipsticks each with a teeth version.  They’re all beautiful and there’s lots to play with.

One thing I wasn’t sure about was the teeth.  I absolutely loved the teeth/lipsticks that Elly came with and wore them endlessly on many different skins.   I wear my lips really narrow and the teeth could be just a little bit smaller for my liking but, again, they are starting to grow on me.   Some of the lip tattoos from Elly work great with Kumi, too. I think they look cute.  What do you think?

Kumi lip and teeth tattoo | Elly lip and teeth tattoo (Sugar tone)

Kumi is Pink Fuel perfection and I`m really going to enjoy playing with her!

-What Natali Wore-

Skin – Pink Fuel by Mochi Milena – Kumi – Vanilla Ivory!- Pure/Defined

Eyes – Rozena – Afternoon Eye – Blue Grey

Hair – Wasabi Pills – Anais – Seafoam

Lingerie – blowpop – Yvette

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