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The Bakumatsu Summer Kimono Festa  is currently on at the Kyoto Event Space.  These little festivals are becoming a real favourite of mine.  And no, it’s not just the lucky boards 😀

This yukata or summer kimono is from 1mm. by mirin Shippe, called ‘Himitsu’ (secret) and is all mesh.  It may not always behave as you would like.  For example, the sleeves still kick back, for want of a better term, and because of the length, sometimes the leg bleeds through but that’s all I`m giving the mesh detractors. Because seriously, it’s a bazillion times better than prim, sculpt and system skirt kimono. I can’t wait for use of the medium by more kimono makers especially in time for winter and the multi layer, lengthier kimono.

There are four pieces to wear in total; the bodice and sleeves, collar, skirt and obi (waistband). As far as I can tell the bodice, sleeves, eri (collar) and skirt are all rigged. The obi is not and can be moved about, though not resized. It only comes in one size but the alpha hides bits really well.  Hopefully I`ll come back later with a lighter colour for easier viewing, and some more festa goodies.

Hair is the latest release from Dura. Skin is Cookie from Mother Goose’s.


~What Natali Wore~

Skin – Mother Goose’s – Cookie

Hair  – Dura – Girl 37 – Strawberry

Eyes – Rozena – Real Eye – Field

Kimono – 1mm – Yukata 2012 mesh – Himitsu @Bakumatsu

Hair Piece – Tomoto

Mizu Fu-sen – MiuMin (gacha-gacha 10L) @ Bakumatsu

Bakumatsu Summer Kimono Festa 1st July~1st Aug



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