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A Little Survey Regarding Mesh!


Despite having vowed to myself that I would not use the ‘M’ word or any of the (two zillion plus) ever so clever plays on said ‘M’ word – like being hungry for, wanting to eat it, being stuck in the desert without it etc., in the title of a post, I’m making an exception to point you over towards Nalates Urriah’s Blog to take a little survey regarding mesh and the deformer.

I only follow the Deformer Debate out of the corner of my eye and as I’ve alluded to often, don’t have issues with changing my shape.  A boob or bum job is not the end of the world for me – sliders slide both ways!  However, I know the deformer project and the new push to have multiple base shapes to cover the greatest number of body types are important to many.  So if you have a sec, pop on over to Nalates’ Things & Stuff  for more information. Bookmark it while you are there because Ms Urriah is great at explaining and rounding up all the background info on a whole range of topics and issues to do with our little/big world and I heartily recommend it.

I swung by Las Rocas for these.  I love the Shopper bag from Maitreya, simply because it comes with rigged and non rigged mesh versions! So I can shrink it to fit my petite 155cm sized frame. I really appreciate that and otherwise dislike when bags and purses are no-mod or come without resize scripts.

This is another version of the : ) BCC ky top in different summery floral worn with the May Capri from coldlogic.  They’re yummy but I think I need a belt or something to wear with them… not sure.

~What Natali Wore~

Skin – Mother Goose’s – Charmy [worn with moles 1 & 4 from Nadine Skin pack]

Eyes – Rozena – Afternoon Eye – Blue Grey

Hair – Wasabi Pills – Anais – Rye

Top – : ) BCC – ky top #5

Pants – coldLogic – Capri – May – White

Shoes – Slink – Lulu Stilettos – White

Bag – Maitreya – Shopper – Romance

Bracelet – U&R Dogs – Turandot – Cinnamon @ Chic2

Earrings – Mandala – Tukemono – Gold

Poses – [LAP]  Random Packs – Closing Sale – Ends Jun 17th

Location –  Las Rocas

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