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There are no birds anywhere in this post but I have dragged out all the blue I have because I do things like that.  And when you say ‘blue’, ‘bird’ kinda pops out, right?  No? Well, anyhoo.

Dolphins are blue. I’m using the Dolphin Viewer at the moment actually and I really like it.  I was liking it a lot more with the nice little bank of windlights I`d built up, until some git, who shall remain nameless (cause it’s never a good idea to give out over the interwebs the RL names of the gits you live with), uninstalled it cause they are, well, a git!! Argh!! I know, right? Note to self – Save windlights more often!

Helloooo summer, helloooo Maitreya!  I`m sure you’ll read lots of people waxing lyrical about these new flared jeans from Maitreya.  I’ll just say that I love the little button and where the front does that little dippy-out thingy that it does – no lyrical waxing here, just plain, nonsensical descriptions.

The hat hair is cute. Lots of different textures on the hat. Florals and summery prints and such. Just touch to cycle through. It will also pop open the resize menu but no biggy.  Very reasonably priced from Pomme D’ Amour. It’s called Birds and Bees.  Oh look at that, I lied.  There is a bird after all!

My top is from : ) BCC who has had a heap of new things out lately. Warning – This is not an every-pose kinda top.  But I really liked the pattern and snapped it and one other right up.

~What Natali Wore~

Skin – Mother Goose’s – Charmy (A)2

Eyes – Rozena – Real Eye – Washing

Hair&Hat – Pomme D’ Amour – Birds & Bees – Sparkle Blonde @CHIC²

Top – : ) BCC – ky Top 3

Jeans – Maitreya – Flare Jeans – #4

Sandals – Slink – Lulu Stilettos – Beige

Ring – MG – Gigi Shimmer Bow @ Fameshed

Earrings – North West – Sissi Square Hoop

Nails – Leverocci – Mesh Nails – Teal

Bag – Tee*fy – Little Tote – Childhood

Poses – 1. Glitterati (Shopaholic Set) 2&3 Marukin

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