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Charming Charmy


I`m finding it a little difficult to concentrate on anything for very long. Nothing’s holding my attention for long enough to take a pic :p

But Charmy,  oh Charmy.  She’s caught my eye and captured my attention well and truly.  I certainly don’t think of myself as a `skin whore` and hair is still my main love, but lately there’s so much to love in the way of skins >.<

I`m not sure if Mother Gooses’ skins are evolving to fit me nicer or that I’m shape shifting.  Either way I loved her as soon as I slipped into her.  Charmy, just like the previous Mother Gooses’ skin I looked at, Nadine, is fresh with a youthful translucency.  She is softer and cute as a button with none of Nadine’s haughtiness.

I like the body a little better on Charmy. There is less pink under the arms although still a little too red under the breasts, on the shoulder blades and small of the back.  Charmy also has a soft sprinkling of freckles across the chest but nothing that turns me off and none at all on the face.  The make-ups are all subtle, not at all overpowering and she’s definitely a great skin for a free-spirited summer of fun!

 Mother Goose’s – Charmy (A) 1 – 6, 6 teeth | Wasabi Pills – Cookie Mesh Hair – Seafoam

This gorgeous short, blunt banged cut from Wasabi Pills called, Cookie, really suits her, too.  Absolutely love it! Something I especially love is the way I can edit the two mesh chunks that Cookie comes in. You just select Edit Linked while in edit mode and you can fiddle with the bangs or the back, move them or stretch them and what have you.

My top is from :pesca: by tsugu Nirvana. Another favourite soft, girly store filled with feminine casuals and at the moment there is a different version of this top in the group LB out the back.

 ~What Natali Wore~

Skin – Mother Goose’s – Charmy (A)3

Hair – Wasabi Pills – Cookie Mesh Hair

Eyes – Rozena

Top – :pesca: – Soft Blouse – Mesh – White

Shorts – {mon tissu} – Cuffed Denim Shorts – Destroyed Wash

Sandals/Anklet – Maitreya Gold – Flip Flops – Lucid

Bag – TokiD – White Basket Bag

Necklace – !je suis – Coccinelle Necklace for Zombie Popcorn Brand

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