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I had time yesterday  the day before yesterday to race round grabbing things I`d been oogling over the weekend and they make me happyyy ~~~ ^^

I`ve had my eye out for a full release of Nadine from Mother Goose since I saw it on the lovely Ms Gartner and without all the tearyness of the freebie Nadine out there.  I can’t keep track of what’s what sometimes so I don’t know when it came out exactly, but it was there when I swung by yesterday and now she’s mine!!  So I slid some sliders and I really love her.

The eye make-up suggests to me that she may need more sleep and I don’t quite like the reddish bits under her arms.. but if you don’t go round as if you’re in an ad for Rexona you should be ok.  She’s a little pouty and I think perhaps meant to be a little bedraggled but she cleans up just fine and and her youthful little make-ups are playful and quite pretty.

I love the with-teeth versions also.  She comes in six different make-ups, each with a teeth version, five different mole tattoos (I’m wearing one here) and a runny tear tattoo.
Aren’t her lips just darling?!

 Nadine 02 – 03 – 05 – 06 

La Viere – Astris – Golden – Pale Blonde – Honey – Platinum |

Rozena – Natural Eyes – Leaf – Soil – Swamp – Moon

I also grabbed two of the three new hair dos from  LaViere by Azure Electricteeth of Tee*fy.  This is Astris.  She’s cute as with her sharp little bangs and curls and my favourite and the most polished of the three.  A nice price of 200L for 4 colours.  I’ll be eagerly waiting for more.

Rozena released some new eyes for Themeory.  I grabbed both of the three colour sets >.< cause I just love Rozena eyes that much.  They don’t look quite as sharp as some of her other eyes.  A little softer round the iris, I think, but I still really like the warmth they have and Moon is my favourite colour of the six to choose from.

My little tank is from *Boom* – Lace Trim Camisole in Cream.  She’s a basic little tank and I like the shading round the breasts and the pull across the front.

So I`m all caught up.  Now I`m going to slide some more sliders and squeeze myself into some mesh.

~ What Natali Wore ~

Skin – .::Mother Goose’s::.  Nadine

Make-up –  Mother Goose’s Mole -2 (incl with Nadine) *My Uglydorothy – Lash03 Mascara | Mozz – Lashes 03

Hair – LaViere – Astris

Eyes – Rozena – Natural Eyes

Top – *Boom* Lace Trim Camisole – Cream

Bottoms – – Cotton Panties Rose

Feet – Slink Mesh Feet

Nails – Leverocci – Round Nails (Mesh) Teal Plain

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