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We are eagerly awaiting the start of the cherry blossom season here and the arrival of the bloom front.   Maybe tomorrow, maybe the next – they will officially announce the start of the season.  So before my world turns pink I thought I`d do a little yellow.  It’s not my favorite colour but it is undeniably spring and I’ve picked up some beautiful yellow pieces lately that I’ve been living in.

Jane’s mesh looks so comfy and soft and XS fits me pretty well.  I love these pants and the way the top sits just so over them  – I can’t stop staring at it!



The Spring Flower Blouse from ASO! is my favourite item so far this season.  Soft and romantically feminine, all the patterns and colours are just darling.


One of the new releases from Elikatira is called Daffodil, but this isn’t it.  I know!  So close to having it all line up.  I like this style, Caramel, a little better.  It’s nice and soft, lovely [e] curling on the ends.  I`ve been indulging in Essential Packs lately but I thought I’d get back to my light blonde roots (I don’t think that’s an actual pun).  A better blogger would have oodles of accessories lined up but this one can’t even get her Anypose to work properly today so even the nails came off half way.


 ~What Natali Wore~

Skin – PinkFuel – Elly – Sugar

Hair – [elikatira] – Caramel – Blonde 2

Eyes – Rozena – Real Eye – Washing


Top – Jane – Keen Tank – Pale Gold

Pants – Jane – Easy Day Trouser – Tan

Poses – Marukin


Top – ASO! – Spring Flower Blouse – Sunny

Nails – Leverocci Round Nails Mesh – Pink Manicure

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