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Gifts, Lucky Boards and Pretties, Oh My! C.D.T. First Anniversary


This is a quick fun post to show off  a bit more of the swag I came home with from the C.D.T. 1st Anniversary Market!  Argh >.< I love LBs!

Pick of the market is without a doubt Natural’s stall.  See below for all the goodies that you must not miss from +:::+Natural+:::+ ^^

You can check out the :*:’Couleur de tout:*: blog in English or Japanese for more info.

Dress – Ribbon – Leopard Dress Blue [Lucky Board]

Purse – MiuMin – Spring Dot Bag [Lucky Board]

Chain – Pink Ribbon 21[PR21] – Cute Bear Necklace (Gacha 50L a go)

Shoes –  Roly Poly – Josephine – Sherbet Pack – Mint Green (Buy the Free Demo for a Gift that doubles as a Demo in Teal Green. Ribbon Colours are only Teal Green on the Demo/Free Pair)

Glasses – hako – occhiali – corona (Gacha – 40L a go)

Lip Gloss – Rozena  – Spring Lip Gloss – Lavender (Gacha – 30L a go)

Eyes –  Rozena – Afternoon Eye – Tea  FREE!

Socks – +:::+Natural+:::+ Mignon Socks – Six colours for just 10L!

Cheeks – +:::+Natural+:::+ -PoPoPo Cheek 5 tattoos (but looks like only four actually) for just 10ls soooo Cute ^^

Poses are also from +:::+Natural+:::+ .  There are two pose sets out each containing 5 really cute poses for just 10L a pack! GRAB THEMMM  :DD

~Other bits Natali wore not found at the market~

Skin – Pink Fuel – Elly

Hair – Wasabi Pills – Kumi

Tights – Riddle – I heart you tights – White

Go here then click on the pinkish sign in the middle of the field to tp to the C.D.T. 1st Anniversary Venue

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