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I raced over to The Sea Hole after reading the words, ‘Shimmery confection of ribbons and sparkles’ in the NC for The Valley Dress!     And it is just that!   I find The Sea Hole a little hit and miss at times.  The textures are always gorgeous but often items don’t live up to their potential in the execution of a piece.   The skirt on this is mesh and as such it moves wonderfully, obviously, but the seams on the bodice are a little wanting right beneath the arms.  You might not notice it unless you have a wavy arm AO like mine but nevertheless.   Also, I found I had to play with the breast sliders a little so the front textures weren’t stretched arkwardly.  But otherwise, the sparkle and shimmer are lovely.  For some reason I bought it in Custard, shown here, but these are sooo reasonably priced so I went back for the Sky as well.

I`ve been wanting to wear this Queen Bee style from Exile since it came out and I think it looks great here.  But if you wear it straight out of the box it has a horrible little waylaid texture.  It was sooo distracting.  To be fair it *is* on the demo *and* the vendor pic if you look closely enough.  I also saw it blogged like this too!  I can’t believe this didn’t annoy anyone and it’s a little sloppy if you ask me.

Well, as luck would have it this style can be resized via the edit tools.  So if it’s bothered you too, be sure to make a copy and then, when stretching, uncheck ‘Stretch Textures’ and shrink it a little and voila!  The little waylaid texture is gone. If you have a larger than average head size this may not be the work around for you.


Edited to add – As Kavar comments below, this has been fixed and if you are just purchasing Queen Bee you will have a perfect style straight out of the box! 🙂

~What Natali Wore~

Skin – Mynerva – Milena – Bisque

Eyes – Rozena – Real Eyes – Brown Sugar

Hair – Exile – Queen Bee – Sunset

Lips – [mock] L’eau Lip gloss – Falu Red

Freckles – My Uglydorothy – Freckles1 – Lighter

Dress – The Sea Hole – Valley Dress – Custard

Necklace – Dark Mouse – Belle Epoque Collar Necklace – Copper

Shoes – G Field – Alex in Metallic – Silver

Poses – Left – Glitterati; Right and below – Zzang – Kawaii Dolli Pack

Taken @ The Rose Theatre

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  1. 03/20/2012 10:54 am

    You are right, it was a bit sloppy, I guess any mistake is a bit sloppy and I certainly am not immune to human error. I’m sorry I haven’t got back to you in a timely manner butI have actually fixed this issue on the store version for anyone wondering and Natali I’m going to send you a little something for not responding in a timely manner! I hope you will continue to check out new releases and give me a second chance 🙂

    • Natali Naglo permalink*
      03/20/2012 2:08 pm

      Hi Kavar
      Thank-you for taking the time to comment. It really only seems sloppy because all your releases are usually so perfect! Of course mistakes happen I guess I was a little surprised it didn`t seem to bother anyone else and simply thought this might help other weirdo perfectionists like myself 😀 I will absolutely continue checking out your releases, because as I think I mentioned I am loving your mesh! Thank-you again for your comment.

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