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Chouchou Beyond the Landing Point Pt 3 – The Babel


Here I was longing for cherries yesterday, only to awake to a snow-covered Tokyo this morning!  For the second time this year! An albeit wet, white blanket over the city.   Fitting, being that today’s post is set in The Babel.
“Where Chouchou’s music is born” is how The Babel is described in the little explanatory book at the installation. At the centre of the pristine and blinding white space is a staircase that winds seemingly forever. Only seemingly.
Small scripted cubes are spilt throughout the space, each one containing a little snippet of signature Chouchou notes and sounds. You can run about setting off the sounds or even buy copies to take home!

And if you have five minutes or so, climb your way to the top…

~What Nat Wore (or the bits you can see anyway)

Top – ! Bliss Fur ! – Lecker Fur Top – Black

Leggings – Maitreya – MCEHT Leggings

Where – The Babel Direct TP or touch the ladder just past the landing point on the Main Chouchou Sim

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