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Boxes for Bones


I’ve been switching back and forth between the official viewer (which is horrible when you actually want to see things as they are supposed to look) and Niran’s, occasionally Exodus and trying to find the light I like best.  Well, I discovered that because of ‘The Ugly Castle’ neighbours and moving my plots about I’d changed directions and messed myself up sun wise. But I spent a little while today fixing all that and am happy with things.

I`ve really been struggling to find anything clothing wise to tickle my fancy.  But there is no shortage of Hair.  So here’s what I love this week.

Mr Truth is very clever with the little flexi add-ons for his new mesh dos.  I haven’t been wearing them for Barbara (below left), though and love this style as-is.  I donned my invisible suit and braved the lag at Festival of Sin for ‘Famous for Nothing’ from Exile (below right) and love the flow and length to it.  Love the essential pack!

Switching between these two styles I did have to play with the sliders. I found just tweaking the Forehead/Chin slider ever so slightly did the trick for my head.

TruthBarbara with roots (mesh) – Oasis     |      Exile – Famous for Nothing (mesh) – Chardonnay (Festival of Sin)

I love waking up to messages of mesh from Magika!  ‘Capture‘ is the newest release. It’s a full and feminine style. I`m wearing colour 2-2(second row-second colour) just one of the 25 colours to play with in the naturals colour pack.

MagikaCapture (mesh) Colour 2-2 [second row second collumn]

This gorgeous skin is the third of the new group gifts from Mynerva.  Having waited patiently for many months, I am so glad to see new loveliness from this store.  Milena is beautiful.  Everything I want in a pale skin with a subtle rose to the cheeks and beautifully done eyebrows to match and I slipped in to her ever so easily.  I can not wait for new releases from Mynerva.

Ashamed to say but I`ve had this dress from beetlebones since it came out and this is the first I’ve worn it.  I especially like the way the light plays with it and the shadow beneath the bodice ruffles.

~What Natali Wore~

Skin – Mynerva – Milena Preview – Porcelain (group gift)

Dress – Beetlebones – Lucille Pleated Silk Gown (mesh) – White

Jewellry – Dark Mouse – 30’s Art Deco Mother of Pearl

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