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The Bride Wore White


I love parading round in a nice white dress, if only to scare the wits out of my partner.

We never did the white dress and wedding thing.  It’s mostly on account of his White Dress allergies.

And not really our style.

So, I like to prance about in white every now and again. Remind him how lucky he his that I`m not one of those girls that would care for a ‘SLwedding’.  Not like those chicks that spend months picking ‘the’ dress.  Days deciding the decor.  Months mulling music.  Weeks working on windlights… nuhuh.. not me.

I try to remind him as often as possible.

I always get a kick out of watching his face turn the colour of the dress I`m wearing when his allergies kick in.



~What Natali Would’ve Worn~

Mesh Wedding Dress Got Katie? – Cilian’gel (Group Gift 50L joining fee)

About the dress – This is a great utilisation of mesh for a clean skirt on a gown.  I hope to see this more often.  Only the body and dress skirt are mesh though, the bodice top and veil are sculpt and prim respectively.  It’s very simple but it works.

Hair – [e] Over – Blonde 2

Bouquet – Wildo – June Pink Bouquet (no longer availible)

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