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Great Lengths


Can this week get any better for the hair lovers?  >.<

I’ve been looking forward to seeing what kind of mesh would come out of Magika.  Ms Gully does those long styles so well so it was no surprise that this first mesh hair-do would be just as long.

Aptly named, ‘Length’ I think it’s a great do.  A long ponytail off to the side knotted round itself.

I really think Magika is the best value for $L hair around at the moment. It comes with a mirrored version and each of the two colour packs gives you 25! colours to play with.  The Hud is smooth and dead easy and some of the rosy/pink colours are amongst my very favourite lately.

‘Length’ is lovely but it’s still a little hard to find poses that don’t leave the ends embedded somewhere that might be painful if this were RL.  Being rigged mesh obviously you can’t have an edit and fiddle about with it but it’s still a great style and for standing poses and the old AO it works lovely.

Can’t wait for more!

~ What Natali wore ~

Magika – Length [Mesh]

ASO! Dot Knit & Skirt – Navy

Waka&Yuki – Mesh Pumps – Cyan (Group Gift – Join W&Y Shop Group and check notices!!)

AlVulo – Polly – Porcelain

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