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No such thing…


as too much hair.

Not as far as I’m concerned anyway.  And today’s hair was all just.. so… gotta have >.<

Wasabi Pills [Left] – Kamiko- Ash  [Right] Dragon – Seafoam

On the right here is today’s release from Wasabi Pills. Comes in Guy and Gal versions and is named for the year, Dragon. The left is the cute as Kamiko released a few days back.  I`ve been on a bit of a black streak lately.  I think this is a gorgeous style.

[elikatira] [Left] Locked – Black 04   [Right] Over – White 05 

How stunning are these?  They’re perfect.  First mesh releasese from [elikatira] and I adore them.  ‘Locked’ on the left is sleek and sexy.  ‘Over’ on the right in White 05 is possibly my favourite of these four new mesh do’s.  The only way I can see to change the little band though is to rez it and click for the menu…. I prefer the Hud option that Wasabi Pills has for adornments but if indeed that’s the way it’s supposed to be I can live with it.

Dura [Left] Dura-Girl 33 [Right] DuraBoys&Girls 29

Not mesh but still catching my fancy this week, these two styles from Dura.  Dura does lots of unisex styles, like Dura Boys&Girls 29 on the right.  It’s a cute little bob don’t ya think?  Dura styles look salon perfect with just the right amount of wisp.

 Dura [Left] Celebration Gift – Black [Right] January Group Gift – Bark

You can also grab these two group gift styles.  They’re men’s but work great as short styles for girls too!


Ahhh  Great day for heads 😀


Nat’s wearing

Top – Corset – The Abyss – Pruriency Corset

Bottom – Dress – Sticky Fingers – My Black Leather Dress

Earrings – Izzie’s – Onyx Stone

Tattoo – Cinq Onze – Circle Tattoo






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