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Red, White, Christmas Blues.


So many gifts!  So many sales.

Merry Christmas!

Almost done with, and on to New Years.

*Vogue* Frostine Gown – Snow

Bliss Couture – Christee Hat

I took advantage of sales at Vogue and Bliss.  This dress from Vogue just wouldn’t work for me from the waist down.  So this is all you get to see.  I don’t understand this new habit of system skirts that have a big gap round the waist.  And I simply couldn’t fix it!  If someone knows which slider to slide, by all means let me know.  I would much, much rather this dress just be on the jacket and pant layer with no skirt whatsoever. But from the waist up its quite lovely!   I love the bolero. The idea and mermaid tail were great, but I just can’t deal with the waist gap. 😦

The Bliss Couture christmas hats are all divine and I enjoyed this a lot.

Mimikri – Aspen Cardigan and Leather Leggins (subscribo gift)

Shag – Pretty Please – Vodka (Subscribo gift )

Mandala – Milky Way Necklace (just 70L for the necklace, ring, bracelet, nails set!)

Azul Group gift Xmas 1112 – Free to Join

*G Field*  – Alex – White

[ e ] – Charmed – White 05

Mood – Desiderio Necklace (Gift Cards 50% off – Go Spoil yourself!)

Bliss Couture – Zerbino – Ivory

Bliss Couture – Beatriz Hat

*G Field* – Alex – Red Patent

Mandala – Milky Way

Bliss Couture – Narissa – Maroon

Hair – !lamb. – Girlfriend in a Coma – Milk

*G Field* – Alex – White

Be sure to stop by G Field for the Red&White Sale, Bliss Couture for the 50% off sale and if you are in the Azul group and Mimikri subscribo definately take advantage of these gorgeous festive outfits.

Enjoy the Holiday Season!


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