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10&1/2 Days of Xmas – Day 3


So it started with a tree.



And ended with boots that were a bit pricey, but I like them all the same.  I’m not sure how new they are but they took my fancy, being white and a little bit モコモコbut not too bulky and primmy that I can’t wade through the freshly lain snow in my yard.


More antlers. This time from Lo*momo, together with this very festive, yet awfully reasonable at just 100L red number from DP Yumyum.  Kao, DP Yumyum and the interior decor section, iTuTu.  All classics.  Buy some Ls before venturing anywhere near the place.

Elly – Sugar (I’ll take it off one day, promise)

Eyes – Rozena – Real Eyes – Washing

Make-up – chelle Eyeliner -Full | PF – Doll Gloss Teeth – Blush | Mozz – Lashes 03, | *My UglyDorothy – Lash 03

Izzie’s – Redness Tattoo

Hair – :::slow loris::: Hair 2 – Blonde


Lo*momo – Reindeer Antler – Red (petit pas xmas event group gift)

**DP**yumyum – 2001 Xmas Dress – Red

Laville – Festive Gloves – Red

KAO – Suede Fringe Boots – White (short)

mug – Lisp Bazaar

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