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10&1/2 Days of Christmas – Day One


So yeah.

In an effort to accumulate some Christmas Spirit.   I have it, but it just doesn`t feel very focussed.

I got very excited yesterday though.  Went digging in ye olde inventory for antlers.  Surprised to find I had four pairs, which for a girl who wears neither tail nor hooves is quite good I think.  But as none of them really took my right-at-that-moment fancy I went in search of more.  Lo and behold! if there weren’t a whole swag full just waiting for me at Petit Pas for their xmas event!  I think I now own something like ten pairs!

The ones I’m wearing are from Hal Hina, who always has the nicest holiday fare. The antlers you can pick up – with all the others – at petit pas after joining the free group. The dress was something like 77L?  A bargin indeed! It’s absolutely lovely and adorable and the first new thing I’ve bought in over a week that I actually wanted to wear.  Needless to say, I quite like it.

These pictures are in my ‘The Snow Watcher’s Cabin’.  I recently put some decorative windows in it. It was a bit plain before. It’s a bad habit I guess to make houses with too much glass.  It harks back to an old *cough* friend *cough* who would always complain that he couldn’t *see* cause of all the walls… poor old dear.   Anywho, it looks lovely and you can find it here, if you are so inclined.

I’m wearing

Pink Fuel – Elly – Sugar

= Hal*Hina = Chiffon dress -03- Christmas

=Hal*Hina = Reindeer – Red (petit pas Group Gift )

[e] Soft – Blonde 02

Rozena ~Glossy Eye~ paran

Nardotix – Kurvy Red Slippers

Poses – Rozena

Decor –  From LISP Bazaar (marketplace 10L store or take a peak you may have some of this already from past hunts!) Candy Santa Couch, Pine Garland Red,

Also from LISP – Tree; Chalk Prints

{what next} – ‘Cosy Christmas’ Gift Boxes,  Cosy Christmas Rug & Mug

La’Licious – Unfinished Christmas Tree

‘The Snow Watcher’s Cabin ver 2’  on the marketplace   or at  *sParKle* in world.

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