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J is for Jane

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J is for… well not that much really :/ Although there are some lovely names about that start with J.  😀


Skin – Tuli – Jade

Hair – Fri. – Adrianna – Jaded Blonde

Jane – Poncho – Toasty Chocolate

Jane – Low Ride Pants – Liner -Eggshell

Jane – Sheer Layers – Bk Charcoal

J’s – Western Boots – Dark Brown

Je Suis – Magnifique Bangles – Brown



But P…. P is for Poncho!! Yay for ponchos!

The poncho from Jane is perfect.  The pants were hard to fit.  Quite hard.  I go for the after look when using mesh. But these were just a little difficult.  Mainly because I could not get past the urge to move them forward on me. So to compensate I had to make my bum a bit bigger.  Don`t ask me to take them off cause my legs are like little sticks under.  But that`s A.OK cause like I say… back up shapes.. and trial and error!  So yeah.  I think I like how it turned out.

I`m behind so I best get my butt back to it`s original size and get on to K and L.  I procrastinate to start, but I really like the satisfaction of getting these challenge posts done.



Fleshtone – Bom Leather Tote – Nude

North West – Sissi Square Hoop Earrings

Veschi – Pashmina Belt – Beige

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