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Mesh – Not without my underwear. Or yours.


So, if you got the group gift from Celoe, I hope you`re wearing a pair of knickers.  Cause it doesn`t come with any and neither does the alpha layer go all the way down.  And as there are still an awful lot of 1.xx based users around, the phrase, ‘But all I see is a box…’ takes on just that little bit more meaning!

I`m all for commando if there is a skirt to be cammed up.  You want to manoeuvre your cam up my bits.. go for it mate.  But something tells me those die-hard clothists (people who wear clothes and haven`t walked the grid naked since 2007) may not go for the no knickers and mesh blob look.

Skin – Mother Goose’s – Hena

Make-up – a.e.meth – Applecheek Blush – Rose|My UglyDorothy – Lash 3

Hair – Wasabi Pills – Brrree – Seafoam

Eyes – Rozena – Real Eye – Washing

Celoe – Chelsea Dress – Champagne (group gift)

anuenue. – Arm Warmers – Light Pink (by Marea Kirax)

G-Field – Leg Warmer for Heels – Old Rose

G-Field – Strap Shoes – Alex – Coral 

[ glow ] studio – Pink Salt Ring

Poses – Rozena [Please me Pack & Neko Girl Pack]


    I dunno know…. I was expecting a little bit more oomph! from the first group gift from this new venture connected with Lelutka.  I didn`t feel any oomph!.  I felt a little, ‘Awww, cute’  at the nice little flounce to the skirt but otherwise as the preview teaser to whatever may be coming I`m not feeling too teased to be honest.

The shape isn`t all that shapely, and while I`m fitting into the XS size with only a little boob tweak, ironically, to me the boobs look too large and disproportionate to the rest of the body so I hope that`s something that gets a little tweaking.

Edited to add : I did manage to make myself a little curvier today sliding my hip width up a bit.  So that’s a little yay-ish.  Trial and error and back-up shapes!

More gorgeous Wasabi Pills hair.  And like, I love it, like, a lot.  I would love, love, love a short little mesh bob.  If it was cut off just where the top of the muffler is that would be too cute!  I know mesh is working for these long styles but the lines are so smooth that I want to see some short slick styles using the medium too.

Don`t ya love it when colours all match up? These gloves are so old and I don’t think anuenue. is around anymore.  But they were a gatcha from maybe the first? Albero gatcha fest and I have a bazillion of them in various different colours (there was a secret pack.. don’t ask…) they’re trans ok, so if anyone wants some hit me up and they`re yours.

The arm warmers match the new leg warmers from G Field quite nicely.   These come in a few different sizes.  I`m wearing the smallest.  There are three cuff shapes you can choose from the pop-up menu, but there is no resize script.  Bit fiddly so I just went with the loose, loose sock look 😀

Anyhoo. I better stop before I break the spell check with all the non-words in this post.  Awesomeness!

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  1. Quetina permalink
    11/19/2011 3:12 am

    Thanks for being an honest fashion blogger! I’m so tired of people drooling about new clothes only to find out that there’s some issue with them. I’m sure you’re not the only blogger to discover there’s no undies with it!

    • Natali Naglo permalink*
      11/19/2011 9:21 am

      If I can save one girl the embarassment of people knowing the drapes don’t match the curtains, then my job here is done. 😀

      Thanks for commenting, Quentina!

  2. 11/21/2011 8:13 pm

    Agree with Quetina… good job, Natali!

    • Natali Naglo permalink*
      11/25/2011 11:07 am

      Thank-you Lila. Thanks for stopping by too!

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