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.::Mother Goose’s::.HENA-III(A)
“”D!va”” Hair “Naomi” (Platinum)(Scarf)
ROZENA ~Real brown eye~ brown
[[Mozz]] Lashes – 03
-tres blah – C88 Shadow – Autumn Colors|cheLLe – Mole! 3
[PF] Elly <Sugar> Doll Gloss (Orange) |cheLLe – Eyeliner Basics – Full

*HolliPocket*Cover Up Cowl-Snakeskin
{mon tissu} Oxford Pencil Skirt ~ Black [Mesh]
No.9 Nylons High Pantyhose -backseam- *anthracite40*
HOC Industries – Platform Pump
[MAGIC NOOK] Popstar Earring – Gold (@ TDR)

I really, really like both the skirt and the top.  I love cowl neck tops in RL.  Makes me want winter to settle in faster.  But.. I so wish it didn`t have the little tag. Tags are fine for casual but not here, I don’t think.  And while the skirt looks perfect when wearing it as a high waist, I didn`t wanna >.< and I just can`t seem to be able to adjust my shape so that that little bit doesn`t stick up when I move certain ways.

So a little, only a little, sad about both these things. But I`m still going back for the cow patterned version of this top.  ^^  I think the skirt misses some of the depth that a full mesh skirt has especially at the hem on the outer thighs but it’s workable and otherwise seamless.

I went looking to see if No.9 Nylons was still around, and it is!  Doesn’t look like there’s too much newness being released, but all the old fall back stocking styles are still there.  It was a nice little time trip.

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