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H is for How Convenient


Skin – Mother Goose – Hena-IIIA
Honey Kitty Halloween Gift) (Group Gift – Free to Join)
= Hal*Hina = Hair Halloween 2010
*GF* Halloween Spider-web Tights – Black
HOC Industries – Country Wedges
Make-up [[Mozz]] – Lashes 03/ -tres blah C88 Shadow – Autumn Colours (part of Dewy Skin for Collabor88)
[PF] Elly <Sugar> Doll Gloss (Orange)
Pose – Rozena – Neko Poses

We don`t really *do* Halloween where I`m from.  Here in Japan though, it’s catching on more and more every year.  No trick or treat, mind you.  And big orange pumpkins are still a bit of a speciality.  The best bit are the Halloween flavours of ice-cream!

I may not be all that into the scary bits but I love a cute little witches outfit and there`s always an abundance of nice Halloweenish gifts about.  This group gift from Honey Kitty is dolly perfect.  A cute little sailor girl witch.

The stockings and hat/hair are 2010 gifts from G-Field and Hal Hina respectively.  The stockings are out again this year in the centre of G-Field with all this year’s gifts.

= Hal*Hina = Hair – Yuki – Platinum
=Hal*Hina = Mini One Piece Halloween*Pumpkin (Group Gift – Free to Join)
= Hal*Hina = Witches Hat Halloween2011 (1L)
[PM]Sculpted Nails V2

Pose – ZZANG – From Kawaii Dolli Pose Pack

This new-ish hair from Hal Hina called, Yuki, is also cute and wavy and hangs nice and girly on me but it doesn`t like shadows very much at all >.<   Hal Hina has a different hat out this year.  Hairless, but quite cute all the same. The hat is just 1L. Join the free in world group for the ensemble that will work after Halloween too!

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