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If Halloween was all about fairies and princesses and nothing to do with those spooky ghosts, ghoulish ghouls and icky zombies – shivers- maybe then I could get into it a bit more.

Evie’s Closet – Eden – Fall Edition (@ The Gallery Gift Shop)
[Love Soul] Hair -114 – White Blonde
Turducken – Face Sparkles – Cheeks
[PF] Elly – Sugar
ROZENA ~Real eye~ washing
cheLLe – (eyeshadow) Smoke in Everest

Sounds more like an excuse for another candy eating holiday if you ask me.  And which part of a ‘sugar skull’ is sugary, may I ask!?   Think I`m missing something there… or not.  Eww. Hate horror.

I shortened this dress from Evie’s Closet, to make myself look more like a cute, little fae and less like a fat, pregnant one.  It worked, I think.  It comes with cute little shoes and socks and the wings are quite exquisite!

[[[nocc.]]] Dead Tree – BlackPurple (currently half-off @ SGB Mall Halloween Festa !)
KIDD Creation – Halloween Purple Pumpkin with Butterflies
KIDD Creation – Real Grass – Flaming Meadow Glowy

The trees in my pretty little pumpkin patch are new from nocc.  and my lovely pumpkins with built-in butterfly emitters, are from Kidd Creation by doP Kidd.  They`re plonked in the Halloweenish grasses at KIDD and are only 1L each!

The butterflies scare all manner of horrors away.  Love them!

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