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Damsel Distressed


D is for the Dark Patches you walk through, even though the sun is shining all round.

Dress – Deviance – Blue Belle
Hair – D!va – Mana – Onyx
Skin – Pink Fuel – Elly – Sugar
Lips – Elly Sugar Doll Gloss – Bitten
Dark Mouse Statement Ring – Brilliance
Dark Mouse Pearl Drop Necklace – Gold
LAQ ~ Dazzling Iceblue Eyes

Simple and uncomplicated.  I`m not really all that attached to the letter D.   I am however, quite attached to my Dark Mouse necklace!  My most favorite of all and it was and still is maybe.. part of the freebie parcel from DM.  I`d love, love, love to have a full set and different metals.  Simplicity in jewelry is pretty much all I`m capable of.

D!va hair. Fantastic in dark colours.  The blondes don`t inspire me but D!va hair is soft, feminine and a nice mix of flexi/nonflexi.

Taken @ Tempura Island  Beautiful as ever! But one must be prepared to educate on why bumping is bad manners >.<



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