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Bunny Tease?


*RibboN* hoodie – pink
*HolliPocket*Drop Em’ Sweety Panties-Aqua 1
Reek – Bandaids – Hallie Stripes
[PF] Elly – Sugar – Pure/nolash – ltbrow
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Lash03_mascara
[ a.e.meth ] – Applecheek Blush – Pink L
[PF] Elly – Sugar – Doll Gloss/Teeth – Hot Pink
cheLLe – Eyeliner Basics – Full
[e] Looking – Blonde 02
ROZENA ~Real brown eye~ brown

This hoodie with ears that you can`t really see :/ was just 30L!  Heaps of different colours from RibboN . The hood is attached to somewhere that just wasn`t working so I reattached to the chin and it fits much better.  It`s too cute >.< As are the sexy-cute lil panties from HolliPocket.  They were a gatcha and I could not believe my luck when the exact colours I wanted popped out 1st and 2nd goes.  That almost *never* happens!  😀

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