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Domestic Princess


Not feeling very princessy this week… More like an episode of Upstairs, Downstairs.  I`m downstairs, of course.


[PF] Elly – Sugar
[PF] Elly – Juicy Gloss – Soft Pink
[e] – Charmed – Blonde 07
Mozz – Lashes – 3
Dress by Bliss Couture – Dawn
Pink Rubber Gloves by Katherine Schapira
Whippet&Buck Diamond Pearl Bracelet – Pearl/Cream
Dark Mouse – Pearl Drop Necklace – Gold
Tiara – Tekuteku – by Eko Strom

I do have a nice little kitchen now though.  That`s something to smile about.  All very on the cheap.  Time and again I`m scouring for stuff, and magi take comes up with the goods.  Fridge, oven cabinets and a great little clock that you just click and then choose your time zone from the pop-up menu all came to under L$150!   My lovely tea-set reminds me of long ago tea times!




Counters, oven, fridge and clock and cabinet – magi take

Pastry and Pin,  Laurel Cottage Kitchen Utensils, Recipe Book – { what next }

Let`s have Tea – by Petticoat Peccable (no longer available I don`t think…)

Kitchen Herbs – poche


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