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High Noon


It`s hot.  So hot, that I`m tired of hearing myself say, ‘It`s hot’.   And, oh the sun!  The sunlight is just so brilliant.  I`m sure it never used to be like that.  It`s almost as brilliant and blinding as at home.  So much so that walking out into the hot, heat and brilliance of the day, I find myself in weary dazes, ‘Is this how hot it was back home?  Was the sunlight even more brilliant and stark than this?  Is that even possible!   But it`s not quite the same… It doesn`t burn the same, doesn`t bake your skin as you stand there, waiting for the lights to change.  It`s a heat, for sure, but not the open flame – Is that another new freckle there?- on your skin kind of burn.   Most likely I can thank the humidity for that.

Mynerva – Kia
Kletva – hair – Super Summer
(AG) Tropical Shadows Sunset
Fashion Forge – Sunset Purple/Orange  ❤

Mynerva – Kia 4
Truth – Aloha – Driftwood
*T.Whore* – Scandalous Bikini Zebra Bitch

Pose – Glitterati Blindfold 4

@ Las Islas – Las Rocas

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