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[kik] Nina – blonde
**DP** yumyum Feather Katyusya (Head Band) -blue
**DP**yum yum denim dress
*GF* Open Boots Vilda Ivory
(AMD) Hemp ‘n’ Beads Necklace
cheLLe – eyeliner basics -Full
Garage Eyelashes – 8
Grix -Glam Blush -melon 100%
Glamorize Lip sheen Tat 1

(iTuTu) umbrella by Kao Sands – dots / blue



The iTuTu sim is having a little mini event to celebrate, or distract us.. could be a better reason 😀  from the rainy season.  This years rainy season really has been rainy!  And awfully hot, too.

Rain boots are all the rage and there are some really cute ones from mocha you can get here, but I went for my G-Field open boots instead.  I`m definately addicted to the iTuTu umbrella Gacha.  All so beautiful and I want them all!


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