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Sweet : Tales from Mother Goose’s


I love my newest skin from Mother Goose’s. Cordelia fit me like a glove straight out of the box. She is clear skinned translucent perfection both characteristics which I love.


Cordelia’s nose seems to be a little bit more defined than some other MG skins particularly between the eyes. The lips are lovely and just a little bit matte.  I took my ‘hide lashes’ alpha layer off to give a little more of a natural look without having to add a liner or to take away from the quirky little dolly lashes that Cordelia is sporting.

MG page again

I went for the lighter tone A pack. Five make-ups plus all five skins with teeth, shape and two eyebrows layers.  I can’t say I`m a fan of the tattoo eyebrow layers. They look too much like drawn in brows for my liking so I`m happy the skin’s brows are in the lighter colour.  The actual brows on the skin are really soft, not too thin or thick.  Not completely sold on the teeth, but I tried out some of MG`s teeth tattoos and they work fine.

I`m so happy that MG has the free breast tattoos out.  I use the Upper 2 A cleavage tattoo. ‘A’ being the name of the skin tone.  The breast was always something I was willing to compromise on but the overall look of the skin is soooo much more improved with these simple tattoo layers.


Yes, Natali feels very at home in this skin indeed.

=What Natali Wore=

Skin – Mother Goose’s Cordelia A  also available at SGB Mall outlet  *much* easier to find

Hair – D!va – Vivienne Ruby Flower (Group Gift for Mimi’s Choice group members) See here Go here

Dress – Evie’s Closet – Elodie in White (tinted) @ Zodiac Feb round

Eyes – Umeboshi – Vessalius Eye Amethyst

mg 3


Sweet : Of Kimono and Frost


So it`s pretty cold here this week in the old Toe-key-o.  Snowy times and fun for all with a good dose of slip, slidin’ madness.

Snow fell on Monday, Coming of Age day.  Girls wore boots with their kimono to trudge through it all.  They made a pretty picture in bright coloured kimono against the background of snow and slush, but somehow the fluffy white stoles draped round their shoulders didn`t seem to be keeping them all that warm.  In SL we can traipse all about the snowy place in our tabi and zouri with never a thought of frostbite.


This kimono is from 1mm (ichi miri) by mirin Shippe.   It’s fully mesh with the obi belt being non rigged mesh. It comes with both tabi socks and zouri sandals. Mesh has been very kind to the kimono wearing in SL.  No more ugly system skirt bums or wayward prim skirts.  The sode or sleeves still move about with your AO but that’s acceptable.

Turquoise Geisha_016

I only have one AO specifically crafted for kimono.  I aquired it in 2008! and the anims are a little dated but it still does the job and is still available from Bushido in Bakumatsu. Otherwise I`ve been using ‘Erika’ from SLC by manmoth Nishi, my favourite at the moment.  The anims are smooth while a little cutesy there’s no big arm movements.

I love this hair from LaViere.  It’s called Natalia. So close! :p  The pastels and pastel dips are just so lovely.  The pink was pretty but I went for the Mint instead.  Yummy.

I know it’s a little late for year end reviews, but Mother Goose’s Cookie and Charmy were really my go to skins and I think will continue to be so for some time to come. Fresh and youthful these are beautiful base skins for mixing and matching with all kinds of lips and eye make-ups.

-What Natali Wore-

Skin – Cookie (A) – Mother Goose’s

Hair – LaViere – Natalia – Mint @collabor88

Eyes – Rozena – Afternoon Eye – Blue Grey

Lips – My Uglydorothy – Honey Balm 12 & Mother Goose’s Teeth C

Make-up – Cheap Make-up – Black Matte Liquid Eyeliner |Cheeks – essences – Blush Contour – Light Pink

Kimono – 1mm – Kimono 2012 – Umemidori

Hair Piece – Glam Affair – Hanami – Cream @ collabor88

Turquoise Geisha

Sweet : Love Letters. Send Me Some?


I got dressed today and this is what happened.

Love Letters Up2

Gorgeous Celoe.  It`s usually too expensive for Nat.  But I fell in love with the tiny little boob covers on this.  The way it puckers and tucks. A long torso is nice.

Nat grew especially for it. Puckers… I like that word.

Love Letters Up3

I love Cae.  Simple, classic and just like the name of the bracelet from the set Timeless.  The scripts are….. slow.  Be patient.

The necklace is called Love Letters. I choose ‘N’.  Beautiful must have accessories.  I`m in love with Cae.

Love letters Up 1

I`m also in love with this skin from Essences.  My first from this brand. Perfectly timely given its on offering at The Dressing Room Fusion for just 70L a makeup.  I slipped so easily into this it made me so happy and it all came together quite nicely.

~For all the primates I`ve loved before~

❤ Nat

-What Nat Wore-

Skin – .essences. – Tuesday *fairy* light @ TDR Fusion

Hair – elikatira – Sound – Blonde 2

Dress – Celoe – syren dress – pale

Bracelet – Cae – Timeless Set

Necklace – Cae – Love Letters

Sweet : So Yesterday


Skin – BCC

Hair – D!va – Daria – Amber @ C0llabor88

Dress – C’est la vie!  Maybe still at the Black Friday sale at Euphoria if you’re lucky…

Necklace – [Magic Nook] Sweetheart Necklace – Gold

Bag – Tee*fy Mini Suitcase Retro

Blush – a.e.meth – Applecheek Blush Pink

Poses – Marukin  @ C0llabor88

@ Ritrovo at Kagurazaka

Sweet : In a bottle


You know what I love most about the  Dreamy Genie Bottle from Trompe Loeil?  The little tinkle sound the lights make when you turn them on and off.   So easily pleased am I!

My small protected waterfront plot now actually has something on it and if I pull the draw distance down nice and low to block out the neighbours it’s very atmospheric indeed.  I also love the little table top, TP version.  Very handy.  Just pop the LM in and you`re ready to go.

If I was the kind of girl people kept in bottles… I wouldn`t mind one like this at all.

~What Natali Wore~
Skin – .::Mother Goose’s::.sasha-II
Hair – ::Exile:: All for Love:Chardonnay @ My Attic
Make-up – .::Mother Goose’s::.sasha-II Lisptick 1
Eyes – *ROZENA ~Natural Eyes~ moon
Hands – Slink Mesh Hands

Dress – AMD – Princess Mesh Gown
Shoes – *GF* Bow Strap Shoes “Kate”
Jewels – Caroline’s Jewelry – Audrey set @ Cinema

Bottle – Trompe Loeil – Dreamy Genie Bottle Blue @ Oct Collabor88
Poses – Adorkable – Falling pack @ My Attic
– Marukin



Skin – 🙂 BCC. – Latte Heim 04 @ The Arcade
Hair – “”D!va”” – Jina @ Oct Collabor88
Outfit – ::{u.f.o}::flamingos Cardigan & Pantskirt @ Collabor88
Bag – Tee*fy Mini Suitcase Simple Red
[[Mozz]] Lashes – 03 | ROZENA ~Natural Eyes~ moon
Pose – Marukin Flambe Pack @ Collabor88

Sweet : Something to get excited about



Isn`t she beautiful?  I think so.  Finally got excited enough to get dressed with the combination of Heim in Latte from BCC, and this beautiful little baby doll from Tee*fy.  Everything I`m wearing is just perfection.  From the tips of my ears to the toes of my beautiful G Field boots.

Welcome to Friday.




~What Nat`s Wearing~

Skin –  BCC – Latte – Heim 04 (The Arcade)

Hair – D!va – Aya (top) @ Collabor88 September

Dress – Tee*fy – Baby Doll Dress (FLF)

Ring – Shakeup!  – Vintage Ring 20 (The Arcade)

Bracelet – League – Pearls & Lace 2

Shoes – G Field – Mesh Wedge Bootie – Beth – Blush

Ears – Auxzilary  – Mouse Ears  – Plain Pink (The Arcade)



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